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Rubber Lining Pump

A rubber-lined pump is a centrifugal pump whose wetted components are covered with a rubber lining. A distinction must be made between soft rubber lining (multilayer lining, mainly intended as protection against wear) and hard rubber lining (single layer lining, mainly intended as protection against corrosion).
Flowserve offers a wide range of complementary pump types, from pre-engineered process pumps to highly engineered and special purpose pumps and systems. Pumps are built to recognized global standards and customer specifications.

Type R Rubber-Lined Slurry Pump

The type R rubber-lined slurry pump is a horizontal, single-stage, end suction design, with a tangential discharge nozzle. Engineered to handle high concentrations of fine abrasive solids in suspension or corrosive and abrasive mixtures, the R pump is a workhorse in solids handling industries.
  • Single-stage process
  • Between bearings single-stage
  • Between bearings multistage
  • Vertical
  • Submersible motor
  • Positive displacement
  • Nuclear
  • Specialty

Features and Benefits

Casing Liners are pressure molded on steel backing plates and anchored with studs and nuts. Multiple materials for abrasion, corrosion and high temperature resistance are available. Squared corners minimize the chance of liner collapse under high vacuum.
Radially Split Casing provides easy access to liners. The standard cast iron materials may be upgraded to high tensile strength steel for increased working pressures and temperatures. Raised bosses, or spacers on larger pumps, apply the proper compression on the liners.