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PP Frp Scrubber

We are manufacturer of the PP FRP scrubber system, well known in the market for delivering nonpareil solutions in regard to air pollution control of the highest quality and in the determined budget. This PP FRP scrubber system is widely used for removing soluble gases like HCL, cl2, BR2, NH3, SO2, H2S, & NOX effectively from the industrial exhaust stream. The dual lamination of this PP FRP scrubber is what makes it sturdier than steel material.
Our Scrubbers help in stopping environmental contamination made by industries, while designing these systems we give utmost importance to conserving energy for the future. Designing system with lowest energy consumption is our priority. We help companies achieve the pollution control norms laid by various government agencies.

Benefits of Eltron Energy

We design scrubbers with guaranteed gas concentration at the outlet, we have technical expertise to reduce the power consumption of the blowers and reduce the cost & payout period of the scrubbing system.
  • crubber / Absorber / Tower
  • Recirculation Vessel / Recirculation Piping and Pump
  • Centrifugal Blower / ID Fan
  • Stack / Chimney / Ductings / Hood and Inter-Connecting Ducting
  • Ball Valve / NRV / DAMPER / BELLOW
The offered PP FRP scrubbing system includes scrubbing vessel, ductwork,fan system, mist eliminator, pumping and an exhaust stack, in which mist eliminator is not required when the scrubber system is of dry type. We as a manufacturer have wisely selected a PP FRP combination to deliver the steel type sturdiness, while outstanding resistance to temperature and corrosive chemicals at the same time at a low cost.
We have expertise to design suction Hoods for difficult applications requiring ease of access to the source. In general our suction Hoods need less air flow (& hence less power for air movement). Suction Holes & slots on the Hood faces are carefully designed to offer maximum capture rate of pollutants & less fugitive emmissions.
Corn Processing Facilities, Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Processes, Acid Manufacturing Plants Food Manufacturing, Machining and Grinding Exhaust, Fiberglass & Composite Industries, Utility Boilers, Foundries and Metal Finishing Operations.