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Shubham industries aim to provide impeccable engineering and pumping solutions to its customers. The company deals in manufacturing of Industrial Pumps, Valves and other Pumping Equipment that suits specific industrial requirements. With our exclusive range of industrial pumps, we have catered to the most complex and demanding requirements of industrial sectors.

Rubber is an outstanding abrasion resistant material it helps in handling wet sand slurry. The strength, resilience and resistance of rubber in cutting and tearing have a positive effect on wear performance of the slurry pump. The properties of rubber affect the performance of the pump. Its size, shape, surface texture and gradation of particle sizes with fine materials develop required friction in the pipeline.

Rubber lining pump is used to protect plant and equipment from wear, and has retained its position as the preferred wear material for the pumping and separation of fine particle slurries. When the particles hit the surface, the rubber deforms, absorbing the kinetic energy of the particle. The unique resilient nature of the rubber returns most of this energy to the particle, causing it to rebound with little or no wear. The angle of impact of the particle relative to the wear surface is an important consideration. Inside a pump, the angles of impingement inside a rotating impeller are varied and sporadic, and are especially designed to absorb all of the energy.

Shubham industries believe in extending its reach to all the corners of national market. It has always set higher goals for itself and has made enduring efforts to deliver the best. Quality has always been given a priority in our company premises. Working with professionalism, we direct our efforts to keep ‘quality’ as our mainstay in all our innovations.

Having served many renowned companies in the industry, we have a reputation of having a fierce workforce who lends the highest level of integrity in their services. We ensure that this quality remains as the cornerstone of our company culture. Backed by the visionary leadership of our founder and our talented team, we add a touch of values in all our relations.

With our performance, we have challenged the stereotypical predictions and have silenced the sceptics with awestruck growth in a short span of time. Having a humble start in Gujarat, today we have a robust clientele base across the nation. Our incessant urge for superior quality, on time delivery and pursuit for excellence has led this fledging company from Gujarat lead a change in the industry by setting a benchmark.

With our exclusive and versatile range of rubber lining pumps and pumping equipment, we have served a myriad of highly reputed brands in the industry. Shubham industries have a fully integrated Customer Service department. It is fully geared up to react speedily to all or any customers enquiries and technical support in modification, selection and developing the more customized solution to meet any emergency plant situation. We have tried to incorporate a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility at our premises for streamlined execution of the business process. We aspire to attain global leadership by anchoring our roots on the factors of quality, innovation, and customer Satisfaction.


To exceed industry growth by implementing innovation, experience and expertise to best address current and emerging customer requirements.


To grow our business and promote the growth of our customers’ business by leveraging the entrepreneurial strength rooted in our family business.

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